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Phyton Biotech TCHM

Plant Cell Fermentation (PCF®) Technology

Innovator of sustainable solutions to overcome supply constraints for active compounds derived from rare, hard to source, slow-growing or endangered species.

  • Award-winning, environmentally responsible biotechnology for development of phytochemicals at commercial scale across various industries

  • Proprietary library of hundreds of plant cell cultures of vascular and non-vascular plants accessible for your development project

  • Strictly controlled GMP-compliant supply and production processes enable tight product consistency and quality in accordance with regulatory standards

  • A sustainable solution able to overcome supply constraints for actives derived from rare, hard-to-source, slow-growing or endangered plant species

  • Scalable, cost-competitive industrial production from kgs to tonnes of annual product volumes

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Phyton Biotech offers clients a full range of integrated contract product and process development and commercial manufacturing services across the entire development chain, from feasibility to commercial production. Click here to download the Speciality Fermentation Solutions brochure now.

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Phyton Biotech has transformed plant cell culture techniques practised for decades into a truly scalable, reproducible and proprietary “green” technology for the development and commercialization of high-value phytochemicals. Our PCF® technology offers superior supply solutions, overcoming limitations and drawbacks often experienced with traditional plant extraction and chemical synthesis.

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Phyton Biotech is the largest single supplier of Paclitaxel in the world, producing the API-grade product using our proprietary “green” Plant Cell Fermentation Technology (PCF®). Our Paclitaxel is made from 100% natural plant sources and is GMO-free.

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Phyton Biotech is the world’s only large-scale supplier that produces Docetaxel API without relying on plantation-derived extracts from yew trees, which are vulnerable to harvesting and supply issues. Phyton is also the only Docetaxel supplier in the world that controls the entire upstream and downstream production process internally under strict cGMP conditions.

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Plant Cell Fermentation®
Specialty Fermentation Solutions

World’s largest producer of Paclitaxel and Docetaxel via PCF®

Award-winning “green” chemistry

World’s largest commercial plant cell fermentation CDMO

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