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Phyton is a global leader in biotechnology and our exceptional people are the key to our success. We are known for excellence, innovation, quality and reliability, and cutting-edge technological solutions.

We offer exciting career opportunities to be part of an internationally renowned team of innovators, to be at the leading edge of the development and manufacturing of actives, and to make a positive difference in the world. Please see current career opportunities to join our dynamic team.

IMPORTANT: Phyton Biotech does not use Google Hangouts in any of its recruiting efforts and we never ask for personal information such as banking information in an interview. All Phyton Biotech’s job vacancies are posted on our website and interested candidates should apply directly. If you are approached by someone saying they are hiring on behalf of Phyton Biotech and they ask you to interview on Google Hangouts, this is a scam. Please decline the request, report the person, and let us know.

Current Career Opportunities

Positions in Canada

Positions in Germany

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