Producing Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients via PCF®

Phyton Biotech is the leading global supplier of high-quality, sustainably-produced paclitaxel and docetaxel active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) via our own proprietary Plant Cell Fermentation(PCF®) Technology. We produce these biotech APIs on a commercial scale using PCF® Technology. Our products are registered in every major country in the world.


Phyton has a nearly 20-year track record of producing API-grade paclitaxel on a large scale. Our plant cell fermentation facility in Germany has an annual capacity of nearly 1,000 kg of crude paclitaxel.


Phyton has a nearly 10-year track record of producing API-grade docetaxel on a large scale. Our Canadian cGMP facility has the capacity to supply nearly 150 kg of docetaxel API per year.