Phyton Biotech to attend CPhI Japan in Tokyo

From April 19-21, Phyton Biotech will be at CPhI Japan in Tokyo to discuss its speciality fermentation capabilities with Pharmaceutical Industry representatives.

CPhI Japan is a business platform to facilitate the growth and evolution of Japan pharma by providing a forum for innovation, learning, sourcing, and networking. The year 2023 is a significant milestone for CPhI Japan as it is its landmark 20th year. Phyton Biotech offers upstream and downstream CDMO services to derive hard-to-source active chemical compounds used in pharmaceuticals, food ingredients, cosmetics, and traditional Chinese herbal medicines. Phyton operates two GMP facilities located in Germany (upstream), and Canada (downstream).

If you’re interested in meeting with representatives of Phyton Biotech in Tokyo, please email Jackie Labbe, VP Sales and Marketing, at [email protected]. Click here to learn more about CPhI Japan.