Our Tenured CSO Shared Insights into the Production of Complex Plant Secondary Metabolites at the Natural Products in Drug Discovery and Human Health Conference

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Our Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Gilbert Gorr shared insights on the production of complex plant secondary metabolites from his 25 years of experience in applied plant cell culture at the Natural Products in Drug Discovery and Human Health Conference (NatProdDDH) in Lisbon.

The conference, organized by the Phytochemical Society of Europe (PSE), took place in Lisbon, Portugal, from July 28th to 31st, 2019. It featured an impressive line-up of speakers that presented lectures on a wide range of topics including natural products in drug discovery, bioactivity of natural products and metabolomics, and plant cell culture. This conference provided a great opportunity for everyone working in natural products research to connect and share the latest industry developments.

Introducing Conference Speaker: Phyton Biotech’s Dr. Gilbert Gorr – Plant Cell Culture Expert

We are very proud of Phyton Biotech’s Chief Scientific Officer and head of Research and Development, Dr. Gilbert Gorr, for hosting a session on the “Production of Complex Plant Secondary Metabolites – 25 Years of Applied Plant Cell Culture” which took place on Wednesday, July 31st.

Dr. Gorr oversees all the developmental projects that involve new plant-based cell cultures and he is responsible for the Phyton Biotech patent portfolio. Together with his colleagues at Phyton Biotech, Dr. Gorr has built up a strong project portfolio addressing the production of a variety of secondary metabolites by different cell cultures.

Phyton Biotech’s Dr. Gilbert Gorr Discusses 25 years of Applied Plant Cell Culture

This highly educational talk, from Phyton Biotech’s Chief Scientific officer, explored how our Plant Cell Fermentation (PCF®) technology can be utilized to advance projects in a number of industries, including Pharmaceuticals, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Cosmetics.

Dr. Gorr shared his research on the production of complex plant secondary metabolites and learnings from his 25-year career spent researching applied plant cell culture. The session explored how a sustainable and reliable supply of plant-derived compounds can be affected by numerous factors and how in many cases the complexity of plant-based secondary metabolites precludes chemical synthesis on a commercial basis.

In addition to this, Dr. Gorr explained how the mature manufacturing process at Phyton Biotech has been developed and how the fully controlled processes that are in place have led to the production of outstandingly high yields.

Natural Products in Drug Discovery and Human Health Conference

The Natural Products in Drug Discovery and Human Health Conference connects top natural products researchers from around the world. During the four day conference, the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Lisbon brought together senior scientists, young researchers and PhD students to share their research and findings. The conference was a great opportunity for the Natural Products research community to come together, explore new findings and learn from their peers. After a busy four days filled with plenary sessions, lectures and poster presentations, we’re going home with a host of additional knowledge and new industry peers. To get a taste of the conference, you can view the full conference schedule online.

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Phyton Biotech is the World’s Foremost Provider of “Green” Plant Cell Fermentation (PCF®) Technology

At Phyton Biotech, we specialize in reproducing plant cells that are used for pharmaceuticals, and are the world’s foremost provider of “green” plant cell fermentation technology. We operate out of manufacturing facilities in both Canada and Germany, where we commercially produce paclitaxel and docetaxel. We also offer comprehensive development and manufacturing services of other plant-based molecules, extracts and recombinant products for use in the pharmaceutical, traditional Chinese medicine, cosmetic, agricultural and food industries. As a biotechnology leader, we have been in product/process development, production and commercialization using plant cell fermentation technology for 25 years and we have highly specialized scientific and technical expertise as the world’s largest cGMP PCF® facility.